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Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks Team With Steven Spielberg for Pentagon Papers Drama
What’s that you hear? The sound of Meryl Streep’s 21st Oscar nomination? Or is it the sound of Tom Hanks making it back in to the Best Actor category after getting shut out for Sully? Or maybe it’s Steven Spielberg‘s return to the Oscars following Bridge of Spies? It might be all three now that Streep and Hanks have teamed up on a new political drama helmed by Spielberg that has awards season written all over it.
‘A Hologram for the King’ Trailer: Tom Hanks Gets His Groove Back in Saudi Arabia
Like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, A Hologram for the King also features a middle-aged white protagonist who travels to the other side of the world for their career, only to find themselves in the process. But the first trailer for the latter promises something a bit different: Overlooking the terrible ’90s voice over, the new film from Tom Hanks and Cloud Atlas co-director Tom Tykwer appears to offer a rather idiosyncratic take on middle-age self-discovery with quirky visuals and a little fourth-wall-breaking.
The Cost of Living ‘Big’ Today
Have you ever found yourself watching the classic comedy 'Big' and wondered to no one in particular (or possibly your cat) how much it would cost to live like Tom Hanks' character? Well, we also wondered that, and decided to break down his awesome apartment in terms of today's costs.