There is a little girl from Kennewick that needs your help and it will only take 2 minutes at most to help her. She is a special needs child diagnosed with Rett Syndrome and has symptoms including Cerebral Palsy, Anxiety Disorder, Autism, Parkinsons and Epilepsy. She can not walk but loves to go outside and that is where YOU can help TODAY!
She is entered in to a contest called the "Great Bike Giveaway for Children with Disabilities" and all you have to do is go vote for her on THIS WEBSITE!

I voted for her today, here is Bethany V's story that is posted on the website in case you need more motivation for YOU to click and vote!

"Meet our sweetheart Bethany. She's 7 yrs old & the highlight of our day when coming home. Always smiling, shes a tough little girl. As the middle sister of the family, she has a big brother Colby whos 11 & twin sisters Mandy & Macy, almost 4. Just before Bethany's 2nd birthday she was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Symptoms of Rett include Cerebral Palsy, Anxiety Disorder, Autism, Parkinsons & Epilepsy. It's robbed her of her ability to talk, walk, or use her hands & she suffers seizures daily. Despite her lot in life, she has nothing but joy to share with those around her. She loves to give her sisters rides in her wheelchair. But confined to her chair in the living room at home, Bethany needs the opportunity to get outside where she's happiest. Her legs no longer fit inside our old bike trailer. By winning The Duet bike our family would have a much needed way to spend time together. Please vote & help give Bethany wings. Its time for this precious Princess to be given her chariot."