Police have arrested a 15-year-old Columbia County boy for allegedly killing, torturing, maiming and stealing multiple birds at the Pioneer Park Aviary in Walla Walla. Police said the birds were killed in two separate break-ins, one on the night of May 14th and another on a night between May 29th and June 1st.

It appears as though the teen climbed a chain-link fence that surrounds the aviary and cut a net meant to keep birds in and people out.

On the night of May 14, several birds were killed, one was injured and several were stolen:

  • A blue peacock was severely injured with cuts to his head and neck. His tail feathers were pulled out. He survived but is now blind in one eye and spends most of the day hiding in a large tuft of grass, not moving. He has not recovered.
  • A white peacock was killed and found in the pond.
  • A blue peahen was killed and found in the pond.
  • A white crested Kalij peasant was killed and found in the pond.
  • Three coturnix quail were stolen.
  • One valley quail was stolen.
  • One black Swedish duckling was stolen.

On a night between May 29th and June 1st, a number of other birds were killed and one was stolen:

  • A blue peahen that had been nesting on a clutch of five eggs was killed.
  • A wood duck hen was killed.
  • A paradise shelduck was killed.
  • A female swan was injured and could not, or would not, move her head from her body. She did not eat for three days. She now appears recovered.

The teen is facing nine counts of felony animal cruelty, four counts of criminal trespassing and four counts of malicious mischief.

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