You just wanted to post a thought you had, or a cute photo of your puppy. You try to keep it simple and fun. But Facebook has become a dumping ground for politics, random rants, overshares, bragging, and passive-aggressively asserting how some people are better than everyone else. Sure, sometimes we all need to post what er had for lunch, an adorable shot of the kids, or a funny political meme, but some people take things WAAAAY too far. Here are some of the most irritating people you will (if you haven't already) encountered on Facebook.

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    The Perpetual Politicial Poster

    Yes, you love (insert party/candidate here). Yes, you may have facts to back-up your rants and ideals. Yes, you are annoying as hell. I hate to break it to you, but you're not going to change anyone's political ideas via FACEBOOK. Just saying...

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    The Uber Mom

    She loves her kids. LOVES HER KIDS. They did this, or learned that, or this is how you should discipline, where you should shop, food your kids should eat. Blah Blah Blah... Her profile photos isn't even of herself, it's most likely her kids. Yes, you have children and you love them, but we don't need to hear about it every 5 seconds. Nor do we need your judgey tone.  And hate to break it to you, but you DON'T know everything about being a mom.

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    The Vacation Whore

    Oh, neat. You're in Istanbul this week. Last month you were in Hawaii. Yes you love to travel, and apparently have the time and money to do it that the rest of us do not. Sure, it's cool to see cool places you've gone, but if your friends see one more shot of your toes in the sand on some exotic beach while we're stuck in a cubical, you may find yourself with less likes and less friends...

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    The Grammar Police

    It's a Facebook post, not a dissertation. If there's a typo or spelling error, just leave it a lone. Trust me, it's for your own good. LEAVE IT.

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    The Over-Poster

    Every. 5. Minutes.

    We don't need to know that you went to lunch, then had a meeting, then got some coffee, then got stuck in traffic, then took a walk, then played with your dog, then watched Netflix. Just give us the highlights. Okay thanks bye!

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    The Overshare Master

    Telling your close friends that it's that time of the month, or your girl cheated on you, or you had a wedgie all day is one thing. Telling everyone on Facebook is quite another. Sure, some times you just need to vent or get opinions on what to do, but this is for this people who CONSTANTLY over share. Some things we just REALLY don't need to know. (We don't want to know either).

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    The Super Selfie Slinger

    Hey I'm out at the club! Dude, check me out at the beach! Woke up like this. Big hair, don't care. Gym flow...  Yes, you may be attractive, but we really didn't need 748 photos of yourself to figure that out!! For the love of Pete, PLEASE post a photo of anything else. We'd even take a food post, or cat video at this point.

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