I have seen some really cool Halloween costumes over my years of celebrating Halloween. When a little kid, or rather two little kids, have the best costumes I've seen in a long time, you know that's parenting done right.

These costumes were not bought in the store. Their mom made them for Halloween and for some serious fun.

I saw these wonderful costumes when I stopped by Owens Harley-Davidson's trunk-or-treat event, which included local police officers, firefighters and Elite Towing.

Check them out! These kiddos are the cutest! A washer and a dryer made by hand. She did not forget anything either.

The clothes in the front, the folded clothes on top with the soap and the fabric softener, and they even have the hoses in the back of their costume!

Fantastic idea and truly parenting done right.

Townsquare Media Kelly West
Townsquare Media Kelly West