I most recently went on a crazy road trip across five states. I started in Washington, went through Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Most of that drive on Interstate 84 is nothing but desert. Crazy boring desert. There is also a lot to see -- even in the desert -- but, sometimes when you get a little drowsy from driving and seeing the exact same sagebrush for 700 miles.

That's when you have to stop at a rest area. They are all there to give you a little respite, but some of them are much nicer than others.Driving more than 2,000 miles in four days, I found that our lovely state of Washington had the nicest rest areas. They're clean and look beautiful ... even in the middle of the desert.

When I stopped at one in Washington which is just before the Oregon boarder, there was even a state worker there watering the grounds. Love it. I went into the bathroom (yes, everyone hates using public bathrooms), but it was clean and very well kept!

I am happy that our state takes pride in our rest areas!

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