Yesterday we shared a visitor's crazy rant against the Tri-Cities. We asked you what you loved about the Tri-Cities and surrounding area and here's what you said: 

Here's what you said in the survey:

  • The people
  • The shopping
  • There is something to do here for everyone from golf, to boating, and even hunting
  • Mild Winters, Hot Summers, Close to outdoor adventure
  • It's cheap
  • The weather
  • 300+ days of SUNSHINE baby!
  • The fair
  • The people in this area are, in general, pretty happy. Pessimism is thankfully scarce here.
  • The mall
  • It's a small town feel with enough to do, places to eat, things to do and the services of a larger city like Spokane or Boise, without the traffic and all the assholes.
  • The family friendly environment
  • I can hunt squirrel in my backyard
  • Great sports teams
  • The parks and playgrounds
  • Not too big, not too small, and the weather.
  • Great for 4x4 and motorcyle
  • The river
  • It's clean
  • Hockey games
  • Having all 4 seasons

Here's what you said on Facebook:

  • I can go to any concert I want in any direction... There's tons of local events including local art walks and the Water Follies and car shows. You can camp and/or hike in any direction as well as off roading. And yes, the river. We stand up paddle board board, swim from the shore, fishing, boating, floating. I'm not into snowboarding but we are surrounded by mountains. Wineries with amazing views and bars by the river to watch the sunset at. I can take my dogs to hike Badger or run around off leash at the park. There's tons of sport leagues of anyone's liking... We attend autocross events or go to juniper and ride dirt bikes or quads. Seriously, just go outside and the world is at your leisure.
  • I love the heat... Yea it's hot and dusty, but it's close to great hiking and camping and concert towns. And I do love me some wineries.
  • Although it took some time to get used to the area, it's grown on me! I've been enjoying the sun and heat here! Also digging all the wineries... and yes, kayaking on the rivers is fun.
  • Americans hockey
Cheyenne Hernandez