Batman fanatics rejoice! The new "Dark Knight" movie hits the big screen this Friday, the 20. Can't wait until Friday? Both Fairchild and Carmike theaters are doing a midnight showing and tickets are on sale now. To get you pumped for the new flick, we've found some fun facts you maybe didn't know about the Batmobile:

  • The "Tumbler" name comes from it's military history due to it's ability to jump and tumble
  • The Batmobile was built entirely from scratch- it's not based on any existing car underneath
  • There are three different types of customized camouflage for "Tumbler" one with a swiveling turret gun, another with a guided missile launcher and a third with a gun.
  • It runs on regular unleaded gas and weighs two and a half tons.
  • The Batpod -- Batman's motorbike -- is equipped with three guns on each side: a blast cannon, a grappling gun and a machine gun.
  • The Batpod weighs 730 pounds and is a self-righting bike, which means it doesn't need a foot stand.

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