Three cheers for all law enforcement officers in the Tri-Cities as we begin 2021, thank you for your continued commitment to our safety.

I came across a Facebook post from the Kennewick Police Department giving an itemized snapshot of what the officers have done so far in 2021. I enjoyed the way it was written because it was not coming off as boastful or heavy handed, instead, it was related in a matter-of-fact, casual way. I know all of this information is available to the public at any time through records requests, but just a quick read of what is "all in three days work", it's really rather eye opening.

From Friday January 1, 2021 - Sunday January 3, 2021, approximately 16-20 KPD officers worked patrol per day. The officers responded to roughly 418 calls for service ranging from disturbance reports, noise complaints, assaults and general law-enforcement activity inquiries.

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On top of the 418 non-emergency and 9-1-1 calls for service, 60 proactive extra-patrols in neighborhoods and around businesses were conducted, 34 traffic stops were initiated, follow-up calls on 58 on-going cases were placed and roughly 30 other contacts were made with community members/suspicious persons/vehicles.

In 2021, 24/7/365, the mantra of KPD continues to be "Committed to Your Safety" and as a result of their dedicated hard work and tenacity, in the first three days of the new year, 22 arrests were made and numerous other cases remain under active investigation.

That is a tremendous amount of work in just three days, but by all indications, those are normal type numbers cranked out every day.

Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

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