The guys got around to watching a video of the first round of the Men’s 3000M Steeplechase from last Friday (Aug. 3). Why were the guys interested in something that happened during one of the least entertaining of all the Olympic events? Because someone got hurt, that’s why.

That someone is Ethiopian steeplechase(r?) Birhan Getahun, who was just absolutely flattened by the final hurdle of the race, a hop skip and a jump away from the finish line.

Even though the video is pretty sad, especially given how close Getahun was to finishing, the guys couldn’t help but get some laughs out of it. ”Boy, does he bounce off that thing,” said Zane. “He’s down for the count, man.”

Getahun earned even more ridicule when we was unable to get across the finish line, despite the encouraging cheers from the crowd. He was instead carted off in a wheelchair. Not exactly the stuff that Olympic legends are made of.

Watch the video of this poor guy below:

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