You know what a spoof is right? Sometimes it's a movie like Another Scary Movie is a spoof of horror films. Other times it's a prank or hoax. And that's exactly what is happening here with the Hermiston Police Department.

 You know how you've heard that when you get a call from the IRS, and the phone number showing on your phone is a real IRS phone number? Well, that's what a spoofer is doing with the Hermiston Police phone number right now. It looks like the Hermiston Police are calling you and their number even shows up! I don't know how scammers pull this off, but it's fairly common. So lately, people in the Hermiston area have been getting phone calls from what looks like the police. The person on the other end is saying, "Hey we need some money, or you're going to jail! Now the whole idea behind this is to call someone who actually has a warrant. That person might actually think that they could pay a little bit of money and be free as a bird. Well, that's just not the case. If you have a warrant, you have a warrant. The police won't call you and let you get out of it for a fee. So remember, when it comes to the IRS, the police, or any other person or business that is asking you for money, ignore the phone number. Because even though it might be a real phone number, you've been spoofed! Lieutenant Studebaker from the Hermiston police department explains below. Thanks, lieutenant!

Guess who won’t call you under any circumstances, and demand that you pay money or go to jail? The police. That’s who...

Posted by Hermiston Police Department on Friday, January 29, 2021



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