The Hitman’s Bodyguard stars Ryan Reynolds as a protection agent hired to guard the life of an assassin who just happens to be his worst enemy. It’s the kind of situation that normally you’d only see in the most cliched fanfiction, but Reynolds and his co-star Samuel L. Jackson are so funny and have such a chemistry onscreen (at least as far as we can see from the trailers), that this might just work out perfectly. The new Red Band trailer certainly makes a case for it.

The action beats are pretty recognizable and Gary Oldman’s villain seems pretty much the same as your average Eastern European action movie baddie, so the comedy element is what is going to make this film shine. There are less humorous lines in this trailer compared to the previous one, but I still laughed aloud at Reynolds nodding “YES” at the cashier who refuses to hand him his gun.

Here’s the official synopsis:

The world’s top protection agent [Ryan Reynolds] is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hitmen [Samuel L. Jackson]. The relentless bodyguard and manipulative assassin have been on the opposite end of the bullet for years and are thrown together for a wildly outrageous 24 hours. During their raucous and hilarious adventure from England to the Hague, they encounter high-speed car chases, outlandish boat escapades and a merciless Eastern European dictator [Gary Oldman] who is out for blood. Salma Hayek joins the mayhem as Jackson’s equally notorious wife.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard hits theaters August 18.

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