I'm trying to curb myself to be a healthier person, and lately I've been trying to change my night habits. I've stopped drinking caffeine after 3 P.M., I've tried turning off electronics 30 minutes before I sleep.

Rich Legg, Thinkstock

If you're one for self-bettering, I've compiled some good user responses that could benefit you immensely.

  • Get your stuff ready for the next day. I lay out my clothes and jewelry, get my tea thermos ready (this includes dumping enough water into the kettle), pack up my bag, and put my yogurt or whatever I'll have for breakfast in a usual spot in the fridge. It's not as long-term life-bettering as some of the other suggestions here, but it certainly helps you get to sleep. Cuts down on rushing about in the morning, too.
  • Stretch. Stretching allows your muscles to relax and it helps you fall asleep quicker, and get a deep much more thorough sleep.

  • Write a little bit. If something is bothering you write it down. If you had a good day say why. Heard something funny? Put that in there too. It's therapeutic and fun to look back on later.
  • Read. Also, PUZZLES. So good for the brain. Word puzzles, number puzzles, logic puzzles, so great before bed.
  • Think about every little thing you accomplished that day, if it works, you'll go to sleep with a smile in your face, and it might not look like it, but it helps a lot.
  • Read a Wikipedia page on a subject you are not at all interested in. It will change the way you see the world.