Happy Father's Day!!

The website howtowatch.com used Google Trends data to find the most popular TV dads in every state. Jack Pearson from "This is Us" is #1 in six states (Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island) and Gomez Addams from "The Addams Family" is the most popular in five (Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma and Texas).

29 different TV dads are represented, so a lot of them only carried one state.

Two dads carried four states.  David Nolan (a.k.a. Prince Charming) from "Once Upon a Time" was the top dad in Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, and South Carolina . . . And Homer from "The Simpsons" was #1 in Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington.  Uh, do you think it's a coincidence that three of those states are among the eight where recreational weed is legal? Discuss.

Joe West from "The Flash" was #1 in three states:  Hawaii, Kansas, and New Jersey.

The dads that got TWO states are:  George from "The Jeffersons", Carl Winslow from "Family Matters", Richard Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls", Ward Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver, and Steven Keaton from "Family Ties".

And there were a couple of stereotypical results . . . like Ben Cartwright from "Bonanza" being #1 in Nevada, and New Mexico going with Walter White from "Breaking Bad".

HowToWatch.com has the full breakdown.


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