Everyone always says that wedding's are for the woman. Why? The woman usually makes it next to impossible for a man to even be part of the whole process. All the way from the music, the cake, the venue, to even the vows. My wedding had a little bit of both of us evolved. It was no big deal.But, if you got to do the wedding your way and the woman let ya, how would it go?

My friend Andy says this:

  1. In lieu of gifts, please be prepared to do a  Jäger bomb and at least one keg stand unless you’re a little bitch. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Aunt Mildred …shit just got real.
  2. One "get out of marriage free" card.
  3. Blue flame (fire farts) competition before the bouquet toss.
  4. Strippers, hookers pillow-fighting cheerleaders.
  5. Police artist to approximate how the bride will look in 10 years shows on a projector to Kenny G or Bette Midler "Wind beneath my wings."
  6. Who’s-hotter-than-the-bride pageant with Sash

What would be your perfect 'Man Wedding?'