Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I never could wrap my head around the fact that halftime shows for an event that REVOLVES AROUND MEN, are targeting women.

Bruno Mars, Madonna, Beyonce, Katy Perry.

What is this sh*t?

Then again, I always watch the halftime shows. I'm not making a beer run.

I have formulated the perfect halftime show themed around the Seattle Seahawks.

Check this.

ALICE IN CHAINS comes up first, they play Would?, then make way for...

SOUNDGARDEN, who rip out some Black Hole Sun and Been Away too Long (gotta push the new album)...

PEARL JAM, your headlining act crank out Better Man, Jeremy and Mind Your Manners.

PLOT TWIST! Vedder and Cornell duet for some Hunger Strike, a la TEMPLE OF THE DOG.

But that's just me.

Honorable mention: Foo Fighters