The Pretty Reckless have been climbing the charts with their single 'Heaven Knows' and there's now a corresponding and very attention-grabbing music video for the song.

In a video that's sure to capture the eyes of viewers, frontwoman Taylor Momsen appears walking down the halls of a school in a black robe until entering one of the darkened classrooms where a group of children are transfixed on the subliminal messages being fed to them on a bank of televisions.

But what will have viewers buzzing and could earn the clip NSFW status is a full body reveal of a nude Momsen sporting the band's customized gothic cross logo on her body. The emblem is the one that the singer and band have used frequently in promoting the album, which also appears on the artwork for their 'Going to Hell' disc.

Momsen says of the video, "How do you sum up a song that is metaphorically speaking about everyone's life from any general perspective on video? You understate it. We decided to film variations of all of the issues we as a people are facing, whether personal, political or social. We took a lot of shots, each representing some social constant or emotional struggle. Some overt, some subtle, but it's all in there. Everything is thrown at you from the day you're born, you're only chance is to think for yourself...which is not as simple as it sounds.”

'Heaven Knows' is featured on the upcoming 'Going to Hell' album, which is due in stores March 18 via Razor & Tie. The disc is currently available for pre-order at iTunes and fans can also purchase it in a number of bundle options via the band's webstore.