Once upon a time, oh, about 20 days ago, it all started with a story in Texas about a woman in a motorized Walmart shopping cart rolling through the aisles of the parking lot while chugging wine out a Pringles potato chips tube. She was banned. Catch all the clever headlines and different takes here.


A woman of the night in Jacksonville, Florida, of course it's in Florida, was shot after performing a sex act for $5 and a can of Pringles. The john didn't think the happy ending was happy enough so he was going to, ahem, stiff her and ask for his $5 back, but the ho got to keep the Pringles. She said no. He shot her. She's going to be okay, the cops are still looking for the shooter.


So now, in honor of the Texas parking lot chugging chick, a new product exists. An artist named Celeste Powers from Coldwater, Mississippi just started selling Pringles wine tumblers on Etsy and you can buy one for $30. Her tumblers aren't made from actual Pringles cans, but they have the labels printed on them. Who knew that woman would turn out to be an INSPIRATION?

Do you subscribe to the theory that the only bad publicity is no publicity?

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