According to the official Twitter account for The Simpsons, the longest running American television sitcom predicted the score of Super Bowl 48 nearly 8 years ago.

In the first episode of season 17 called 'Bonfire of the Manatees', Homer loses a bet after the Seattle Seahawks were defeated by the Denver Broncos 19-14. There you have it. It's settled. No need to play the game on Sunday! Sarcastic, obviously, and the game he was actually watching wasn't even the Super Bowl, but it's still a fun and random 'Simpsons did it' moment.

Ironically enough there is a manatee that has correctly predicted the last six super bowl champions and on Thursday, he followed in Homers footsteps by choosing the Broncos to win. There is also an ape who has selected the last six super bowl winners correctly and he chose the Seahawks.

If you are betting money, you can go with Homer and the manatee, an ape, an epic eating contest, a Madden 25 video game simulation, or just take it all as the Super Bowl week fun that it is and come up with your own prediction.

Whichever team you choose, we do know for sure that we will finally get to find out which animal is SMRT and which one is the fraud - a sea cow or an orangutan looking ape. C'mooon, manatee!

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