Milton and Freewater used to be two separate towns at odds with each other in the state of Oregon. In 1951, they chose to end this separation by a vote and the two towns became one. Fun fact: its nickname is Muddy Frogwater Country.

Milton-Freewater isn't huge; in 2010, only 7,050 residents were listed in the census. Its small size has allowed it to be the quaint center of events with many distinct characteristics. For instance, the town hosted Pea Festivals in the 1960s. After peas were no longer in great abundance, a new Corn Roast tradition was started that still continues to this day, although the name of the event has been changed to Muddy Frogwater Festival. Corn is still roasted, and there are also frog jumping contests, dancing, and singing. Available for sale at this festival are frog sculptures made out of chainsaws.

Thanks to the decision back in 1951, the once-separate towns have enjoyed a harmony that brought them together into Milton-Freewater, Oregon.


[Source: Wikipedia}

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