This weekend President Obama changed the name of Mount McKinley in Alaska to its original native name of Denali, but there is another Mountain that is more deserving of a name change. People don't realize that Mount Rainier is actually named after a British serviceman who fought against the American revolution and if any mountain deserves more for a name change it is Rainier.

Sure we would have to change the name of a few High Schools and a beer brand or two, but I still think it's worth it. Why not change it back to one of its original native names like Tahoma, Tacobeh, Pooskaus, or Tacoma.

Other Northwest Mountains that could also be renamed with their native names are:

  • Mt. Adams = Pah Do
  • Mt. Baker = Kulshan
  • Mt. Hood = Wy'East
  • Mt. St. Helens = Suek