While in Reno last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and I cooked the entire meal for my Mom and family. I purchased a fresh turkey since we didn't have time to thaw one. While in line at the local grocery store the cashier gave me a tip...

She said her dad was a butcher and the very best way to cook a turkey was breast side down. Yes upside down! I was surprised too.

We were cooking a 12 lb. bird so the total cooking time was 3hrs. I always chop fresh herbs and garlic and make a paste with olive oil and rub the turkey with the paste under the skin, I filled the cavity with orange wedges and cooked the turkey upside down covered in foil for 2 hrs. Then for the last hour I flipped the turkey over and removed the foil to brown the bird.

The result it turned out amazing the juiciest breast meat ever.  I will always cook my bird this way from now on! Thanks nice cashier from Reno the best tip ever!!