There are intersections in the Tri-Cities I like to avoid especially during rush hour traffic. Wellsian Way, George Washington Way, The Bypass Highway, and several other intersections in the Tri-Cities are a big pain in our keesters! We've compiled 10 of what we think are the worst intersections in the Tri-Cities, see if you agree with our list!

We took to the Facebook page asking your thoughts on the worst of the worst and we think we've barely scratched the surface on some of these horrible intersections.

Here is what a few of you said about some of the intersections here in the Tri-Cities:

Conn Clark says "the meat grinder roundabout on the south side of the blue bridge" and Jessica Farias says "Hildebrand and 395. It’s on a sensor so if you’re trying to go across 395 but miss the sensor before it changes you’re stuck for a whole cycle"

Which of these intersections do you try and avoid?

Here Are The 10 Worst Intersections In The Tri-Cities

Do you have any more bad intersections to add to our list? Let us know because we might do "Worst Intersections In The Tri-Cities Volume 2". No matter where you travel today in the Columbia Basin, be safe and be patient!

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