Alcohol kidnappings have been on the rise. Parents with young liquor, be sure to lock your doors.

Just after a group of kids was seen leaving a store with White Claw under their shirts, Kennewick Police say these two characters stole some alcohol from Wal-Mart. No word yet on if it was White Claw or the equally tasty Truly. While we're on the topic, Corona Refresca is the bomb and definitely worth trying out. Maybe it was Keystone Light. These folks look like the 'Stone type. I also get a strong Natty Ice vibe here.

Back to the topic at hand, though. Kennewick officers were able to apprehend the male suspect with the super cool face tattoo but the presumed female is still MIA. I'm only saying this because all photos of her seemingly were taken with a potato. Photos of the male appear to have been taken by phone. My guess is loss prevention snagged them. This probably helped expedite his capture.

Come on, man! Pay for your alcohol. If you can't, sobriety isn't the plague everyone says it is.

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