One of the best things about living in Tri-Cities is the Columbia River. The Columbia River provides resources and views abundantly. 

Google Street View
Google Street View

A new project by the City of Kennewick aims to capitalize on that beautiful waterfront view with a new clubhouse. Construction of Columbia River Landing has finally been completed. Now, to populate it. Making news this week is the announcement of Bite at the Landing, an extension of CG Public House.

The Landing will be a part of the Columbia Park Golf Tri-Plex, one of the first things you see when making the drive down Columbia Park Trail. It's got a great view, so I'm excited to see it being utilized by people that don't necessarily golf. Parking will not obstruct the view, either. What's on the menu? Bite at the Landing will be offering lunch for both "golfers on the go" and people that want to sit down. There could be plans to expand the menu for dinner as well. They plan to be open from 10AM-8/9PM.

Formally known as the Country Gentleman, CG Public House has been catering across the area, including WSU football games.

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