Most of us don’t need much prompting to scratch, adjust and outright grope the ol’ mansack from time to time. But this holiday, a charity created to fight male cancer is encouraging every dude to regularly check their balls and their Baubaulls.

Yes, Bauballs! Bauballs are plump and shiny holiday ornaments shaped like, you guessed it, a big pair of balls. And boy, can they hang … on the tree.

You can purchase a pair of Baubaulls and help the Orchid organization raise money to fight testicular cancer. The group’s site recommends you “decorate your tree with some festive bravado and help a good cause by grabbing or sharing some Bauballs.”

Orchid hopes seeing your Bauballs hanging on the tree will remind you to check your own balls -- in the healthy way -- on a regular basis, which they show how to do with a animated gif on their site.