If you're a Star Wars fan, you're aware that there is a new Star Wars Story film coming out called Solo. You're aware that it's a story of young Han Solo, Chewy, and Lando. You're aware that it is coming out May 25th. But you may not be aware that Lego has a new set coming out of the Millennium Falcon. It's the Kessel Run Falcon and it's a beaut! It's a 1,414 piece and will sell for $169.99. The set includes Han, Chewy, Lando, Qi’ra (a new character we're to meet in the film), a Kessel droid, and two additional characters!

How cool is that!? The set will be released in April prior to the film's release. Get on it and buy it when it comes out, nerds, I'm pretty sure it will be a hot item and hard to find VERY quickly.

PS, I'm one of the nerds who's TOTALLY going to buy it!

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