Featuring a 13-degree seat slope, your legs can only take about five minutes of that throne tilt, so your loo time at work is about to be limited by a new toilet recently revealed.

No more camping out in the workplace restroom due to a slanted toilet that will physically make you take care of your business quicker because of the way it is designed.

Across the pond, so many workers take long bathroom breaks while on the job, a company in the UK has come up with something called the StandardToilet, and it features a sloping seat, which is fixed downward at a 13-degree angle.

The British Toilet Association (how'd you like to work for them?) has approved the product, which is said to induce leg strain if you sit on it for more than five minutes, but "not enough to cause health issues."

A survey from earlier this year found British people admit they can spend as much as TEN TIMES as long in the bathroom at work, compared to at home.

The idea is that it's just uncomfortable enough that people will be discouraged from spending more than five minutes on it-- it was inspired by workers being discovered ASLEEP on toilets on company time.

Please wash your hands thoroughly when finished. Thank you.

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