If you’re a guy, you’ve probably dreamed a million times about becoming rich and buying a ton of super expensive, super fast and super sexy cars and motorcycles. Amateur.

Tom Gonzales, a software engineer who carved himself a slice of the American dream by building a massive home on Lake Tahoe, and included a garage that was way bigger than anything our feeble minds could ever concoct.  Gonzales’ massive million dollar underground garage to protect his beloved collection of special edition Harley Davidson motorcycles, luxury cars and SUVs. The most impressive addition to his garage is the door. He showed it off on HGTV’s ‘Million Dollar Rooms.’

An underground garage with a camouflaged aircraft carrier style elevator? Insane. However, we agree with host Carter Oosterhouse. Tom really needs a better name for his literal “monster garage” than just “The Elevator.” We are partial to either “The Highway Halfway to Hell” or “The Car and, On a Couple Occasions, Panty Dropper.”

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