It's been a LONG battle, but it looks like Tri-Cities has spoken, and Uber has won! The ride service popular the world over, is FINALLY coming to the Tri-Cities. Kennewick City Council is expected to approve new codes that will make it legal for the service to operate here. Pasco and Richland are suspected to follow suit. The new codes should be approved by Nov. 15th, in plenty of time for the holidays. The new codes allow for Uber to conduct background checks on drivers (originally the city wanted to conduct them), but the city will set the minimum standards for the checks. Up to 20 percent of the driver records will be audited  annually. and they driver's vehicles will have to pass regular inspections by approved mechanics.

If you haven't used Uber other cities, you're in for a treat in my opinion. Cheap, easy, fast, and it totally cuts down on drunk driving. I, for one and excited. Are you happy to see Uber come to the Tri-Cities?