Washington's Clallam County can claim something no other county in America can puff their chest out about. They are the last county standing in the U.S.A. predicting the eventual presidential winner, every time, going back to 1980 and Ronald Reagan's first term win.

Map of Washington highlighting Clallam County
Map of Washington Highlighting Clallam County

Heading into the 2020 election cycle, there were 19 counties across America, according to data compiled by the Wall Street Journal, that had voted for the eventual presidential winner over the last 36 years. Every one of those counties, other than Clallam, seemingly have gone for President Trump in 2020, and as we wind down this election cycle, it appears the record is now Clallam County's alone.

As of Nov. 10, Democrat Joe Biden won 50.17% of the vote and President Donald Trump was selected by 46.87% with only 300 ballots left to count.

It's a small piece of the state (Clallam County Courthouse pictured below) that basically trends right down the middle. A unique county that Ronald Reagan won twice, handily, but George H.W. Bush had to squeak out a win against Michael Dukakis by a mere 77 votes in 1988.

Stax Blackmoore
Stax Blackmoore

Bill Clinton was a Clallam County winner in 1992 and 1996, they went for George W. Bush for a pair of terms in 2000 and 2004, followed by Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but Obama's second term was only Clallam-called by less than four-tenths of a point. Candidate Trump in 2016 carried Clallam County with 47.6% of the vote compared to 44.8% for Hillary Clinton.

The 19 counties listed by the WSJ “largely have educational attainment levels below the national average, and they all saw slower-than-average population growth between 2010 and 2018,” according to the newspaper. The counties also “tend to be older and much less diverse than the nation as a whole,” the paper reported.

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A lot of the county residents did not know of the streak, but I'll bet they do now and will henceforth be proud-as-a-peacock about it, since they have political prognosticating bragging rights that no other American county can match.

Clallam County has roughly 77,000 residents spread across 2,671 square miles on the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula.

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