Three new Kennewick Police Department officers took an oath today to protect and to serve the citizens of Kennewick during a swearing in ceremony at the Kennewick Police Department.


Scott Child
That's KPD Chief Ken Hohenberg pictured on the far left and next to him is Officer Jared Campbell. Campbell grew up in Yakima, a graduate of A.C. Davis High School. Immediately after graduation, Campbell joined the U.S. Navy and was assigned as a Hospital Corpsman to the U.S. Marine Corps in Japan. After leaving active duty, Officer Campbell moved to Seattle and began a career as a police officer for the City of Seattle. There, he worked patrol for two years, then bicycle patrol in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle.
Pictured in the middle, is Officer Erin Campbell. She was raised in Fresno, California, graduating from California State University of Fresno with a bachelor's degree in Criminology, with an emphasis in law enforcement. She moved to Seattle in 2014, and began her career as a police officer with the Seattle Police Department in 2016. She worked as a patrol officer in the downtown Seattle corridor for over four years.
On the far right is Officer Fernando Ramos. Ramos grew up in the Tri-Cities, attending school within the Kennewick School District. Later, he joined the Washington Army National Guard, in which he still serves today. He recently completed a year overseas deployed to the Middle East. Officer Ramos joined the ranks of the Kennewick Police Department in 2017 as one of the first Kennewick Police Cadets, later transitioning into Police Support Services until achieving his goal of becoming a police officer.
Scott Child
Godspeed to you all.