Back in 2003, Ninja Burger created International Ninja Day on December 5 as a way to celebrate the Ninja “speed” with which their burgers are delivered.

Aside from that, ninjas are awesome. We all love them, even though they want to kill us.

On this day, wear a ninja mask to work to plague your co-workers with ninja-ness and throwing stars. Got the day off? Dress like a ninja at the mall or run wild in the streets.

Take a martial arts class if you're trying to finesse those naturally gifted ninja talents of yours. A couple of Karate, Judo, or Ninjutsu classes can't hurt. Or can they?

Got ninja skills but no ninja costume? The solution is simple… use a plain, black T-shirt. That's pretty much the foundation on being a badass. Invite others to celebrate International Ninja Day with you.

Throw a ninja movie watching marathon. American Ninja, The Octagon, Enter the Ninja, Ninja Assassin, Ninja in the Dragon’s Den - all solid choices to get your ninja on. The more ninja, the merrier.

The word Ninja became a compliment that describes a person's mastery of a particular skill. Also, many people use the word Ninja in their internet nicknames, avatars, handles. Unlike normal guys who practice martial arts, ninjas are quite the unpredictable type. Mysterious heroes are very attractive since our imaginations can make many assumptions about them.

Ninjas have a plethora of skills and talents that they execute perfectly. They are masters at martial arts and being stealthy while undergoing missions. Perhaps we look up to them because they are great examples of mastering skills in life.

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