Periphery drummer Matt Halpern and A Perfect Circle bassist Matt McJunkins lend their talents to "The Road to Awakening," the latest tune from the anonymous, charity-driven rock act Till the Days End. The track emerged Wednesday (April 15), and all proceeds from the song's sale go to a good cause.

In particular, that cause would be the Mental Health Association of Frederick County, situated in Till the Days End's hometown of Frederick, Maryland. But the mysterious group, which first emerged in 2019 with a video explaining their ethos, highlights a different charity for each single they release.

Listen to "The Road to Awakening" down toward the bottom of this post.

"We here at Till The Days End know that dark things hide behind closed doors," the band shared in an accompanying statement on Wednesday. "With that said, we are very proud to present 'The Road To Awakening,' a song about the importance of self-care and the power we all hold within. … If you are struggling with your mental health, fighting every urge in your body to relapse, this song is for you."

While the main members behind the group remain unknown, "The Road to Awakening" additionally features contributions from vocalist David Manning and guitarist Justin Gosnell, as ThePRP has pointed out. Further, the song was mixed by Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo.

Listeners can dig into the band's catalog and contribute to the corresponding charities at the Till the Days End Bandcamp page.

Till the Days End, "The Road to Awakening"

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