I've written a song about "Kennewick Man." You've never heard it because I'm not a very good singer. But now that he's back in the news thanks to a new book coming out soon, it's time to add another line!

Texas A&M University Press is publishing a book this fall about Kennewick Man from a scientific standpoint. It's peer-reviewed, which means it may end up a textbook some day. It argues that Kennewick Man (the name for the 9,000 year-old skeleton found on the banks of the Columbia River in 1996) was from the northern coast. Because ice stretched from Alaska to Siberia, Kennewick Man may have even been from as far away as Japan. It's unlikely, but possible since humans traversed the ice bridge frequently hunting seals.

So here's the new line for my song (which I'll try to have someone perform soon):

Honkeys and Homeys want him to be vanilla, NAY say the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla... BUT EXPERTS SAY HE'S MAYBE FROM MANILA!