Each year the National Insurance Crime Bureau releases its "Hot Wheels" list. They compile rankings of the most stolen vehicles across the country and break-down statistics for individual states. I think the number one factor for these cars being highly sought after by thieves is popularity. Not everyone is driving a Tesla and most people can't afford a new Corvette. More popular cars mean a bigger market, the ability to tear apart a "hot" vehicle to sell for parts or scrap, and low visibility for their thieves.

One of my favorite movies is Drive. At the beginning of the movie, Bryan Cranston's character is showing Ryan Gosling's "Driver" a getaway vehicle.

Chevy Impala, most popular car in the state of California. No one will be looking at you.

It's a good line that throws the flash and style of the Fast & the Furious movies out for a more grounded and realistic approach. Car thieves aren't stealing supercars because EVERY law enforcement agency and civilian will know what and who to look for. Local police departments are regularly asking residents to keep an eye out for a late-model make and model that you could pass five of on the way to the grocery store.

It goes without saying; lock your doors, keep your valuables out of view if you can't remove them, and don't leave a gun in the car if you have one. If you drive one of these cars listed, that means double!

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