All the time in the news we hear about people leaving their baby in a sweltering car... or a freezing car... or at the rest stop. We get it, parents are stressed-out and they occasionally forget their babies somewhere. Here are 10 places in the Tri-Cities you DO NOT want to forget your baby.

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    Boat Docks

    Specifically, the ones at Howard Amon park.

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    Bateman Island

    Nature is not your child's friend.

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    Thunderbird Motel

    This place has got to be the sketchiest motel in Pasco. It looks like the one from Breaking Bad...


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    Zintel Canyon

    I've seen a lot of tweakers around here, they might think your baby is a chicken sandwich or something so watch out.

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    The B Reactor

    Now that they're giving tours out there, the risk is pretty high.

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    Anywhere in Burbank

    Enough said.


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    Oregon Street

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    Along the Columbia Park Trail

    There's a ton of densely wooded areas and an abandoned camp ground.


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    Anywhere in Umatilla

    The ladies at the titty bar will look after it if they find it at the gas station.

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    Next to the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" outside the mall

    Remember when people were decorating that weed in the median on Columbia Center Blvd. in front of the mall? If you go to pay your respects don't forget your baby.