We can feel it. The air is getting a bit warmer. Day by day the snow is getting a little lower. And by golly, one of these days we'll be all thawed out! And once Snowmageddon is over there are things we're all going to want and NEED to do. Here's a list of what I think will be on all of our lists!


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    I don't know about you, but by car is a HOT MESS! Get ready for lines at the car wash. We'll be so happy to see our cars the actual color they are, we won't even care about the wait!

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    Go Shopping

    I'm not talking about stocking up on water, batteries and canned goods like it's the end of times. I'm talking about clothes, electronics, toys and other fun/luxury items that we haven't been getting because all of our money was going to electric bills. Even just mall walking will be a fun change of pace!

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    Going to the Movies

    SO many great films have been released, but due to terrible driving conditions, our only ventures out have been to Costco for provisions or if we HAD to go to work. Finally, we'll be able to just drive to a movie and enjoy ourselves. Ahhh!

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    Cleaning the House

    I don't know about you but having everyone home for a long time means MESSES. Even though we may have had the time to clean, most snow days let's face it, we could care less about the mess. I know my place could use a big scrub (it looks like a Horders episode), and I'm actually looking forward to it! Never thought that would happen!

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    Hang Outside

    Sure you probably went outside a few times to build a snowman, or take some great pics for Instagram, but you know you ran back in as soon as you could. Now that it's getting warmer, we can actually hike a bit, take a walk, or play around outside for longer than 5 minutes (you know, the time it takes for your tears to freeze to your face.)