Urban legends are prevalent because people spread information they've heard to friends. You can't blame anyone for telling a false myth they heard from someone else. Let's try to clear some of them up!

Wasabi in the United States isn't real wasabi

Wasabi is very expensive, and if you're buying wasabi at the store; you're mostly likely buying horseradish and mustard powder.


Sugar induced hyperactivity isn't real

Most kids go nuts after sugar intake because they're acting up on the belief it's real. It's a placebo effect. It's all in the parents' mind.

Mauro Matacchione

Facebook posts being shared for a chance to win Disneyland Tickets

Please tell me you already knew this.

Joe Raedle

Entering your pin in reverse at an ATM will not alert police

This was started as a chain-email, and there has never been technology in place for such a thing.


Undercover police don't have to identify themselves if you ask them to

A police officer isn't prohibited from lying when undercover. You could ask a cop if he's a cop, and it's perfectly legal for him to lie.

Doug Menuez

Men don't have less ribs than women

Have you ever actually counted?


The negotiating on Pawn Stars is determined before shooting the show

Like most reality shows, the reality is mostly scripted. The famous haggling of merchandise on Pawn Stars is agreed upon before filming.