Ever since Facebook began, April Fool's Day as has been the perfect way to trick multiple friends in one shot! Some posts have been done so many times that they're obviously a joke, but sometimes we get caught off guard. So here's a list of a few posts to avoid the comments section on this April 1. Sorry, jokester friends, we're not falling for these this year!


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    Getting Off Facebook

    We've all seen the "I've had enough need to get off Facebook" posts. I'm sure there are times we all are fed up, and may need a hiatus, but posting it on April 1 is an obvious ploy. Plus, if you DO ever need to get off Facebook for a while, do everyone a favor and just DO IT. Don't post about it first! :)

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    Quitting Job

    SUUUURE you got that hot new job traveling the world and taking photos! SUUURE you are...

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    I'm Voting For

    Sudden shift in political views? Not on April 1. If your friend's been a huge Bernie supporter and now he/she's posting about Trump, probably not true. Nice try, but get us on April 2 and MAYBE we'll buy it!

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    It's Complicated

    Any relationship status update made on April 1 is suspect...

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    We're Engaged

    This goes along with the last one. Even if you ARE engaged, wait to post it until after the April Fool's day. Seriously, we've seen this before.

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    I'm Pregnant!


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