Sometimes you just gotta hide something. We won't ask you any questions. As a mental exercise, here's our top ten places to hide a body.

  • Via Google Maps

    South of Hover Park

    Pros: Lots of open space, good for unmarked graves.
    Cons: No cover at all

  • Via Google Maps

    Columbia Park

    Pros: lots of tree cover, tons of hidden locations, hundreds of options.
    Cons: Homosexual men frequently have hookup sex in the park, meaning either group could crash the party at anytime.

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    Levey Park

    Pros: out of the way, not many houses, tree cover.

    Cons: Not all that spacious, so you can run into people.

  • Via Google Maps

    Hood Park

    Pros: Tree cover, river, ghetto town.

    Cons: can sometimes have lots of people, so you have to be smart.

  • Via Google Maps

    South of Kahlotus

    It's just a big desert.

    Pros: lots of open space, plenty of room to dig.

    Cons: no cover whatsoever.

  • Via Google Maps

    Bateman Island

    Pros: isolated, easy to get to, difficult to search

    Cons: people just love to walk their dogs here.

  • Via Google Maps

    Yakima Delta Bird Reserve

    Pros: full of tree cover, difficult to get into, no people.

    Cons: visible from the highway, despite all the tree cover.


  • Via Google Maps

    McNary Wildlife Refuge

    Pros: Good place to dump in the river

    Cons: watched meticulously


  • Via Google Maps

    Zintel Canyon

    Pros: tree cover, nobody will care about a body there

    Cons: Tweakers. Lots of them.


  • Via Google Maps

    Chamna National Perserve

    Pros: Tree cover

    Cons: watched meticulously.