The last time Tori Amos released an album, she was reworking some of the best-known songs in her catalog with new orchestral arrangements. That album, 2012's 'Gold Dust,' was inspired by the singer-songwriter's previous album of classical pieces, 2011's 'Night of Hunters.'

Both were pretty boring.

So it's nice to hear her back on solid southern-gothic ground in the first single from her upcoming album. 'Trouble's Lament' is sparser than what we're used to from Amos, but what it lacks in musical flourishes, it makes up for in mood. You can listen to it above.

The song comes from 'Unrepentant Geraldines,' which comes out on May 13. And from the sound of things, Amos is back fighting some kinda demons, as she sings about "Satan's tongue" licking at someone's heels.

The 14-song new LP supposedly marks a return to the sort of music Amos' fans want to hear. She's acknowledged that her past few records were experimental pieces that were designed to broaden her songwriter horizons. But she also must have noticed that all but her most loyal fans ignored them.

'Toruble's Lament' puts her back where she belongs, Satan's tongue and all.