The Salvation Army and the United States Marine Corps did their annual Toys for Tots motorcycle bike run last weekend, and it was another success!

I believe they collected more toys this year than any other year that I have attended in Yakima Valley, and this year's run drew 170 bikes. The Marines brought their M1 A1 tank and it was waiting for the motorcycles at Wray's at Third and Nob Hill.

Thanks to all who donated toys for children in the Yakima Valley for parents who can't afford to buy a lot during the holiday season. That is why the Salvation Army and the Marine Corps have teamed up to find those families and make their holiday season and a happy one.

The Toys for Tots Foundation was started in 1947 by a man and a woman from the United States Marine Corps Reserves. They sewed small toys by hand for hundreds of children that first year. It was such a huge success that it remained a thing.

Town square Media/Kelly West
Townsquare Media/Kelly West
Townsquare Media/Kelly West