Volunteers of the Tri-Cities animal shelter are asking the public and the three cities for a much needed new facility. The current shelter was built 70 years ago and is in major disrepair.

new shelter

Here's what their post says:

Our Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Animal Control is in DESPERATE need of a new shelter and it’s up to us as a community to make sure our Shelter Staff and it’s animals aren’t pushed aside any longer. Our shelter was built in the 1950’s and 1970’s, and is beyond repairable. It is just simply unsafe and unhealthy for any human or animal to be in. Our City Managers have been promising us a new shelter since 2009 but continue to treat their shelter employees unfair and push them aside without a care. This is unacceptable and we need to step up and be their voices. #NothingFancyJustFunctional was started by a group of shelter volunteers, and this is our plea to the City Managers to get our shelter staff a FUNCTIONAL shelter. We the community can add the FANCY stuff later. Shelter Planners of America designed a great shelter with Meiers Architect that would have the Pet Overpopulation Prevention Spay and Neuter Clinic attached to it. We know that this building layout would work and will have the proper ventilation and plumbing that our animal shelter needs. We will continue to go to the City Council Meetings and email the City Managers until we get our long-overdue shelter.

and in a recent post:

Please know we are NOT accepting any donations (or setting up a GoFundMe account) for the current shelters need for renovations or building of the new shelter. The building is owned by the City of Pasco and it is the 3City’s responsibility to get our community a functional, new shelter. We pay taxes for this.

If you would like to donate, please donate to the animals INSIDE the City owned building. CHICLE (cheek-lay)ANIMAL FOUNDATION 501(3)c is the nonprofit started by Shelter Director Deb for vetting and spay and neutering of all shelter animals before they leave the shelter adopted. THIS is NOT on the City’s to do, it is by DONATIONS ONLY.

Please attend your City Council Meetings and tell your City Managers, as our Community grows, it is best to keep “ONE” location (*BFHS takes owner surrenders, BCCC takes County dogs*) for our TRI-CITIES Animal Shelter and Animal Control.
Our 3Cities need to work together to do what is BEST for our COMMUNITY. Our lost and homeless animals do not know street signs or jurisdictions, nor do people care about this when adopting an animal. Some things can be broken down City by City. Where our Community’s ANIMALS are housed is not one of them!

Pet OverPopulation Prevention has a $300,000 Grant (that expires July 2020) plus another $300,000 to match that for building the new shelter/spay and neuter clinic. This will be added to the 3City’s 6 million asking amount.

👉🏻To help yourself feel more in the know please see the FILES tab where Lisa has done an AMAZING job getting us ‘info we need to know’!

Pictures below are (some of)the Shelter Planners of America recommendations and what we (shelter volunteers and POPP members) are asking our 3Cities for. We are hopeful they will build it on the current, City owned, shelter land, with we just ask that there are more kennels then our current shelter has.

Any questions please feel free to just ask!

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