What Are the Best Pizza Spots in Tri-Cities?

Almost everyone loves pizza, but is your favorite Tri-Cities Pizza spot on this list?


Tri-Cities Names Their Favorite Pizza Spots

Do you love pizza? Most people do but everyone has their own favorite. Pizza is one of those foods that is universally loved but still, people disagree on what makes the best kind. Deep dish vs thin crust or pepperoni vs Hawaiian are arguments people have been having for years. So how do you find the best pizza places?

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Believe it or not, there are plenty of great pizza spots right here in Tri-Cities no matter what kind you love. Tri-Cities has a good mix of national chains but also plenty of unique local spots that are even better. A local social media group was arguing about this very topic recently and in that conversation, they named all the best spots near the Tri-Cities. If you haven't tried all of these places yet, the address and phone number are listed below.

The 11 Best Pizza Spots in Tri-Cities, Washington

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