Don't mess with Labor & Industries. They will find you, they will make your life miserable. A Washington man thought he could make conning L&I a side job. That was one stupid man.

The 47-year-old construction worker received checks from L&I after reporting he was too injured to work after stepping off a ladder and twisting his knee at a Moses Lake job site. At that time he was living in West Richland and then Pasco.

But L&I doesn't just mail checks and forget about you. They follow you. They soon discovered during the time he was supposedly injured he was also working at job sites in Selah and Battle Ground, WA.

So they contacted him asking for their money back. He was now living in Colorado Springs.

L&I set a court date for theft and fraud, and this week he missed it.

These charges will be added to his rap sheet that also includes 18 previous convictions for theft, robbery, forgery and bad checks. He has been labeled a "career criminal."