So, you're probably thinking, "Does the Tri-Cities really need another newspaper?" My answer is YES! When I heard that Tri-Cities was getting its own magazine like The Stranger in Seattle, I was like, HECK YES! The new rag called Tumbleweird isn't your typical paper.

"We're trying to create a newspaper in the Tri-Cities that really gives a voice to people who maybe feel that they don't have a voice."-Editor Logan 'Moonman' via KNDU

The format (in case you're unfamiliar) includes articles on music, concerts, food, local events, horoscopes, and editorials. Much of the content right now is from various contributors and volunteers. You can pick up the paper at Adventures Underground and it should be coming to Green2Go, Rockabilly Roasting Co., Emerald of SiamFuse, SCRAP and Out & About, or get a digital copy online. If you want to contribute or become a patron, click here! Let's get weird, Tri-Cities!

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