Normally a title like that is reserved for something tragic, but thankfully not today.

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Cookies with Cops

If you have heard of "Coffee with a Cop", well this is the preschool version! Many different police agencies all got together to visit local preschoolers this week. The day was organized by the Benton County Sheriff's Department in coordination with the Franklin County Sheriff's Department, and the Kennewick & Pasco Police Departments. The preschool kids got to share cookies with the different police agency officers and ask questions that they were curious about. The police showed the preschool kids their equipment, read them their favorite story, and even took them out and showed them the police cars from the inside.

credit Facebook Kennewick Police Department
credit Facebook Kennewick Police Department

Building Good Community Relations

Just like Coffee with a Cop, the Cookie with a Cop program is designed to build local relationships and trust between police and the community that they serve. Kids can be especially scared of police sometimes and these events are great for breaking down those barriers in a relaxed setting where kids can go at their own pace. If you teach at a local preschool and would like to organize a visit to your school, reach out to Katie Gillies from the Benton County Sheriff's Department. She was the person that put this together for the kids. Also, check out all the fun they had with a few pictures from the day in the gallery below.

Cookie with a Cop at Pasco Preschool

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