A neighborhood in Utah has a genius idea to stop porch package thieves and we TOTALLY HAVE TO DO THIS!

A huge housing development in Utah called Daybreak (south west of Salt Lake City) has a tight neighborhood watch.

Via a Facebook group they all agreed to put FAKE PACKAGES on their porches!

Stealing packages off porches is risky business. What if your probability of getting good stuff was instantly cut in half, by two-thirds, by four-fifths? Is it still worth the risk?

The disincentive should dramatically decrease the number of thefts... OR increase the exposure of the thieves increasing the number caught.

It's a REALLY simple move that has a HUGE impact!

I actually tried this at our studios (see photo below) but it didn't work. The package was still there in the morning. I would have left it for a week, but the front desk receptionists opened it!


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