At least one Richland school sent home "5 Tips on Talking to Kids About Scary Stuff" with children this afternoon.

The note from the teacher read,

"With the tragic story of a mass shooting in Connecticut flashing on the news this morning, parents may find themselves awkwardly fielding questions from their kids. How to explain that scary events do occur while still making your children feel safe:"

The five tips given were from an article in Parenting magazine by author Sasha Emmons. In summary, the five tips are

  • Avoid discussing these difficult issues until children are at least 7. Younger children can not handle the information as well.
  • Keep it black and white -- yes, the world can be a cruel place... but also reassure them bad things won't happen to them.
  • Ask questions. Don't assume you understand how a child feels.
  • Don't label any feelings as wrong. Never make them feel bad about being scared.
  • Use it as a teaching moment. Tragedies can be good lessons about helping others and being compassionate.
Jim Florea

The Richland School District sent the following letter home with children:


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